Top tips for students looking to secure a job

Natasha Glaves, former HR Manager at Barclays, shares her top tips for Students looking to secure a job:

  • Timing is key¬†– whether you are going for a graduate role or a summer internship, the best time of year to start the application process is September. Many roles are gone by Christmas so to maximise your chances of securing that role, be prepared very early. The more competitive the industry, the earlier it tends to be.
  • Get involved!¬†Even if you are only in first or… second year, make sure you sign up for insight days, workshops or presentations with employers that you are keen on. Early exposure helps you be sure of what you want and gives you contacts and knowledge you could never access through websites and brochures alone.
  • Research. Once you have decided on a career path, or a particular employer, make sure you research as though your life depended on it! Know the company, its history, its businesses, its competitors, its financial position, its goals, its culture…I could go on forever…. Do the same with the role you have applied for and gain a real sense of what you will be doing and how you will be doing it. To a recruiter, knowledge and understanding signifies focus and motivation. It will also give you huge amounts of confidence when answering questions (on both application forms and in interviews) and your sheer commitment alone will shine through and help you to stand out!