Graduates & Undergraduates

Blind In Business offer bespoke training to Graduates and Undergraduates, to help you find your way in the world outside University and navigate
the recruitment process for your dream job.

If you are currently at university or have recently graduated and are thinking about employment, we can help you in your job search, from providing
information on current recruitment programmes that offer easy access formats, to interview practice sessions, to advice and support on getting
the accommodations you may need. The recruitment process for many graduate positions involves assessment centres as well as interviews, and
we can help you understand and prepare for these, so you can compete on a level footing with all of the other candidates.

We have successfully worked with over 500 graduates over the years, to ensure they have been able to compete fairly with other graduates about
to embark on their chosen career. We’ve provided individual coaching through the job hunting process, assistance with practicalities, and a
reading service for selection tests and assessment centres, among plenty of other help and support services.

We strive to seek practical solutions to traditional hurdles in the recruitment process because we know that you have every right to achieve
your dreams.

Our services include:

  • Assistance with the practical aspects of completing application forms.
  • Specialised interview practice sessions with graduate interviewers from major employers.
  • Networking and support from blind and partially sighted employees and professionals.
  • Advice and support on obtaining equipment for work.
  • Information and advice on disclosing a visual impairment.

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