We recognise that there may be practical issues associated in the selection and recruitment of blind and partially sighted candidates, and that it can be difficult to know what you as a recruiter or employer need to do to make your recruitment processes compliant and accessible.

Few businesses have much experience of visual impairments, which is where Blind in Business can really help. We know all about the practicalities of making it possible for blind and partially sighted candidates to be able to participate in an assessment centre, and we can help you make it easy to integrate a new member of staff with a visual impairment.

We provide specialist awareness workshops for Human Resources staff, interviewers and assessors involved in recruitment, and seminars for managers and teams on integrating blind and partially sighted colleagues into the workplace 

We can help with Recruitment:

  • Practical guidance and support in making your recruitment procedures more accessible at any stage of the recruitment process – advertising,
    application, selection and interviewing
  • A reading service to allow blind and partially sighted graduates to be fully integrated and to participate in assessment centres.
  • Advice on making assessment centres accessible.

We can help once you have recruited:
  • Introduction to key contacts in other companies who have blind and partially sighted employees.
  • Identification of job roles and tasks appropriate to the skills of blind and partially sighted employees.
  • Advice and support during the employee’s induction period.
  • Advice on obtaining a ‘needs assessment’ in respect of equipment requirements and initial training.