About Us

Blind in Business was founded in 1992 by three blind graduates. After graduating from university with good degrees we initially found it difficult to gain work, due to misconceptions and wariness from employers who were wary about visual impairments. But we persisted, and two of us became partners in leading law firms. The third went on to do a Master of Business Administration at Cranfield, and became a successful businessman – making history as the first blind person to gain this qualification.

We launched Blind in Business to help other blind and partially sighted graduates to compete equally with sighted candidates for good jobs, by providing help, support and training, and by removing barriers to success. Since we started the business, it has grown beyond our initial dreams, and now helps hundreds of people achieve their goals.

The three of us are now Trustees on the Board and have a maintained a close interest in Blind in Business’ charitable activities.

The Road So Far… 

  • Over 800 people helped into work
  • Over 650 training courses and workshops delivered since 2000
  • Over 7000 school children given specialist careers and technology training since 2001

The Blind in Business alumni consists of blind and partially sighted people we have previously helped into work. They are a valuable resource and help Blind in Business deliver excellent services. They attend our training courses and employment sessions, meet employers, and talk to our young blind and partially sighted candidates about their experiences. They offer advice about assistive technology, employment and social activities, and ensure that Blind in Business maintains a deep understanding of the needs of our candidates.

Blind in Business can help if you are:

  • A blind or partially sighted teenager, looking for career advice or technology advice.
  • A parent or carer of a blind or partially sighted child.
  • A Careers Advisor at University who would like to learn how to support blind and partially sighted students.
  • A Disability Advisor at College or University.
  • An employer, looking to take on blind or partially sighted candidates.
  • Sighted and have a friend or relative who is visually impaired and may need our support.
  • Having problems with your sight in the workplace and need some support or direction on technology, or support with your employer.
  • A blind or partially sighted undergraduate or graduate looking for support in finding work.
  • A blind or partially sighted undergraduate or graduate looking for support at University.

Even if you are outside of these groups, we often direct people to the right services that are available throughout the UK.

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