Our employment services work with visually impaired candidates to give them the chance to achieve their chosen careers.


If you are a Student or a Carer to a blind or partially sighted person Blind In Business can help with getting into work, training and workshops.


Interested in employing a blind or partially sighted person? Find out how Blind In Business can get you and your business ready, alongside introducing you to potential employees.

How we can help

Because we’re founded by blind people, Blind In Business really understand the challenges of finding employment, and how challenging it can be to do so after graduating. Let us prepare you with the training, advice and support you need to achieve your goals and succeed at your chosen career.

We also work with employers to defuse any anxiety they have in taking on a visually impaired graduate, showing them the ease of adaptation with technology. We also give support to those losing their sight who are already in employment, to help them retain their jobs.


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Specialist technologies to help blind and visually impaired people in education and the workplace

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