Young Students & Parents

Training Courses for 13 to 16 Year Olds & Their Parents / Carers

  • All our Training Courses are run all over the UK completely FREE of charge.
  • Blind in Business provide unique training courses , each adapted to give a unique training experience for all participants.
  • 6,438 participants have so far benefited from our training courses and workshops.
  • Each course and its materials have been developed by blind and visually impaired people over the past 9 years.
  • We are happy to work with other organisations to disseminate our positive approach to more people.

Group Courses

We can come to your school and run a course. If you can get together a group of 10-15 students, then we can run a course with you.
We are happy to create a course, that may even combine elements of all 3 courses we offer.

Individuals & Small Groups

We also run one-to-one and small group sessions in London, every day of the week. You may want to bring a small group of students
to our office in London. We are happy to consider travel contributions.

Unique Courses

Future Focus


Careers Course

Career planning, mock interviews, disclosure – we cover a varetiy of subjects for school children aged 13 to 16. We give young blind students an understanding of the skills, tools and competencies
you need for any job. We focus on interview techniques and practice. Students are taken through the recruitment process so
that they understand how to cope with a variety of assessments and tests that employers put potential employees through and
they are shown how important it is to prepare for work at an early stage.

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Expectations Exceeded

Expectations Exceeded

Role models Course

A short workshop introducing parents, carers, teachers and young blind students to role models. These role models are blind and
visually impaired computer programmers, lawyers and IT consultants. People who are doing the types of jobs their son or daughter
may wish to pursue. We believe in widening opportunities for people – this workshop provides new ways of thinking about visual
impairment and gives parents and teachers ideas on how to help young blind people work towards their goals in a positive way.

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Total Technology
The Third Course

This could be a custom made course, that fits the needs of students you work with, we can develop training that suits your students
needs.  Tell us what you want, and we can work around you.

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