Reflecting on a Year of Insight Days with Blind in Business in 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the enriching and empowering insight days organised by BiB throughout the year. These events provided invaluable opportunities for visually impaired candidates to connect with prominent employers, gain insights into various industries, and develop essential skills for their professional journeys.

Financial Times Insight Day – 12th April

In April, BiB organised an insight day at the Financial Times headquarters in London. The day kicked off with a warm welcome from Jacqui, FT’s Diversity and Inclusion partner and Co-Chair of FT Access. The introductory talk set the stage for a day filled with engaging activities and talks from FT staff.

One particularly impactful session involved a staff member sharing her personal experience of caring for a disabled family member. This opened up a candid and informative dialogue, allowing candidates to gain a deeper understanding of workplace inclusivity. After lunch, Jacqui led a session on interview skills, introducing the STAR technique and offering valuable advice on navigating common interview questions. Four candidates stayed back to collaborate with FT’s social media team, contributing their insights on making online content more accessible.


EY Insight Day – 13th April

The following day, BiB took candidates to EY’s offices in Canary Wharf for an insight day and skills seminar. EY are a leader in sustainable finance, and they provided a platform for candidates to learn about the company’s operations and accessibility initiatives.

The day began with introductions from EY staff, followed by a powerful presentation from a blind EY employee sharing her personal journey and experiences with reasonable adjustments. EY’s accessibility team shed light on the disclosure process for disabilities during the application phase. After lunch, a skills seminar challenged candidates with hypothetical case studies, promoting teamwork and communication skills.

Later in the day, candidates had one-to-one discussions with EY staff about CVs and job applications, receiving personalised advice and valuable networking opportunities. The event showcased EY’s commitment to making their recruitment process accessible to all.


KPMG Insight Day – 9th August

Later in the year, BiB collaborated with KPMG for an insight day at their Manchester office. The day commenced with an introduction to the day’s agenda and an overview of KPMG’s recruitment process and graduate schemes.

Visually impaired members of KPMG’s staff shared their personal stories, offering candidates a glimpse into potential career paths and the accommodations available. A group activity simulating a recruitment assessment provided candidates with a hands-on experience, complete with individual assessors providing constructive feedback.

The day concluded with a group photo on the terrace, symbolizing not only the successful conclusion of the event but also the candidates’ journey towards professional success.


Virgin Media O2 Insight Day – 17th August

Later in August, BiB collaborated with Virgin Media O2 for an insight day at their Reading office. The event provided a unique opportunity for our candidates to learn about Virgin Media O2’s award-winning Graduate, Intern, and Apprenticeship schemes covering a broad spectrum of roles from Strategy and Marketing to Cyber Security and Data Analysis.

Attendees had the chance to hear from Virgin Media O2’s future careers and DE&I teams, gaining insights into the organisation’s commitment to fair and inclusive recruitment processes. The day also offered participants the exciting chance to win prizes, adding an element of fun and engagement to the event.


Capgemini Insight Day – 30th October

We capped off our year of insight days with an event alongside Capgemini, who are a multinational IT services and consulting company. The insight day took place at their Holborn office in London.

This day provided an overview of the organisation and discussions about various roles and pathways into Capgemini. Our candidates were also given the invaluable opportunity to engage in mock interviews as well as a group task closely resembling the assessments used during the recruitment process. Candidates had the chance to network and gain insights into the multifaceted aspects of the company, resulting in an extremely valuable event.