KPMG Insight Day blog

We recently ran an insight day with KPMG in their Manchester office. KPMG are a top four accountancy firm, and they offer various opportunities for graduates. Here is an overview of what happened on the day!

We met a group of five candidates at the office based in St Peter’s Square for a 10:30am start time. There was an introduction that gave us a breakdown of how the day would be structured and what the candidates would be getting up to. After this, the candidates learned more about KPMG and the work they do. They then got a detailed run through of the student recruitment process and the graduate schemes that are available to them. They found more about the different steps of the application, as well as the assessments that they would have to go through. This gave the candidates more clarity about how they would go about joining KPMG.

We then heard from three visually impaired members of staff, who spoke about their experiences at KPMG. The candidates were able to ask the panel questions, helping them to learn more about what type of roles there are and what adjustments they could get. This was truly fantastic to listen to, as it gave the candidates more confidence that they could go on to have successful careers despite having a visual impairment.

After lunch, the candidates took part in a group activity that aimed to simulate an assessment seen during the recruitment process. The candidates were all set a business task in which they had to come to a final decision. They were all given 20 minutes to prepare by themselves, before being given half an hour to discuss their ideas with the group. What was especially great about this particular task was that each candidate was assigned an individual assessor to scrutinise their performance. At the end of the task, the candidates all received personal feedback on their areas of strengths, as well as places where they could improve. We then wrapped up the event with a group photo out on the terrace, with a great view of the city of Manchester!

Overall, this was a fantastic event, and an amazing opportunity for our candidates to get an insight into such a brilliant organisation! We would like to put on record our thanks to KPMG for organising this insight day, and we hope to run more of these in the future!