Financial Times Insight Day Blog

On Wednesday 12th April, we took a number of our candidates along to the offices of the Financial Times in London for an insight day. The day featured a number of activities, as well as talks from some of the FT staff. Overall, the event was a huge success!

The day started off with an introductory talk from FT’s Diversity and Inclusion partner and the Co-Chair of FT Access, Jacqui, who welcomed everyone along. During this talk, Jacqui spoke about the history of the FT and how it operates. Following on from this, another member of FT staff joined us to speak about her experience of working at the newspaper. She had a lived experience of living with her disabled mother-in-law, so she could relate to how difficult it can be living with a disability. The candidates had plenty of questions to ask, and it created a very insightful and interesting conversation.

After lunch, we moved to a bigger space for the afternoon. During this session, Jacqui spoke to the candidates about interview skills. She outlined the STAR technique and advised the candidates on the best way to answer the most common interview questions. They found this session to be extremely helpful, and they asked several relevant questions on how to best approach an interview.

At the end of the event, four of our candidates stayed behind to talk with FT’s social media team about how to make their content more accessible. The candidates found this to be very valuable, as it allowed them to share their opinions on how online content more accessible.

Overall, this was a brilliant event that are our candidates found very enjoyable and insightful! If you would like to find out more about our future events, you can get in contact at