KPMG Insight Day blog

We recently ran an insight day with KPMG in their Manchester office. KPMG are a top four accountancy firm, and they offer various opportunities for graduates. Here is an overview of what happened on the day! We met a group of five candidates at the office based in St Peter’s  continue reading this post

Google Accessibility Discovery Centre blog

Blind in Business had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Google Accessibility Discovery Centre in their St. Pancras office. In this space, various individuals such as engineers, researchers and product designers have developed a number of different accessible technologies that aim to break down the barriers that those with a  continue reading this post

Financial Times Insight Day Blog

On Wednesday 12th April, we took a number of our candidates along to the offices of the Financial Times in London for an insight day. The day featured a number of activities, as well as talks from some of the FT staff. Overall, the event was a huge success! The  continue reading this post