Work Experience Webinar

Let’s get prepared for Work Experience 2023/24

When:                  Tuesday 3rd October

Time:                    16:00

Where:                 Online via MS Teams

Who:                     Students Year 10+

Have you ever wondered “BUT HOW???” when someone recommends / tells you that you must participate in some form of work experience?

We at Blind in Business have long understood the amazing value work experience provides our students.  Our webinar is offering you the chance to find out WHY you should bother seeking work experience.  More importantly, we will explain HOW we can help you participate fully and get the most out of your work experience.

Whether you are expected to participate in work experience during the 2023/24 academic year, or are thinking about organising something in the future, we would welcome your participation in our Work Experience webinar on Tuesday 3rd October.

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