Although Blind in Business primarily help graduates into work, we also help people already in work who may be losing their sight and need some
extra support.

We were founded by blind people, so we really do understand the challenges that you can face when working as a person with visual impairment. We
offer training, advice and support to help you manage your employment, decide what and how to tell your employer about your sight loss, and
find techniques to enable you to continue working.

We know about a wide range of technologies that can help you in the workplace, we’re fully up to date on disability legislation, and we have a
lot of success stories to share. Talk to us and find out how we can help you. Our entire purpose is helping people with visual impairments
to find and retain work in their chosen fields, and we’d love to provide support for you.

We can also help your employer – we have a range of training courses aimed at helping employers to understand visual impairment and learn how to
make adjustments to enable employees to continue to work. So if you think your employer would benefit from understanding more about how to
support you, please get them to talk to us as well – it will make life so much easier for both of you if your employer knows a bit more about
what to expect and what they can do.

Our employer training courses include:

  • Employment retention training
  • Making adjustments to the recruitment process
  • Visual awareness training

We can tailor our visual awareness training – so if you have specific impairments that you would like you employer to understand and work with,
we can make sure they’re covered.


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